aglimpseof 15 . DINNER IS SERVED

Τonight you are invited to an improbable dinner hosted by the French writer Antonin Artaud (1896-1948), with special guests, the Japanese poet Yoko Danno, the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, the French writer Joseph Joubert (1754-1824), the French philosopher Hélène Cixous, the American poet Frank O’ Hara (1926-1966), a character created by the Japanese writer Kobo Abe (1924-1993), and the American poet Evelyn Posamentier.

This dinner could only take place in an improbable space like, for exemple, the installation “I’m Here, But Nothing 2000” by Yayoi Kusama which was presented at the Tate Modern (2012).

The guests talk about tonight’s menu, about the Marvelous, the voice(s), the food, the mind, and a ghost succeeds in communicating with them.

Issue’s 15 source text is co-edited by Yoko Danno, the British writer Ed Garland (extract from “The Notebooks of Joseph Joubert,” translated by Paul Auster), Dimitra Ioannou (extract from “Antonin Artaud, Selected Writings,” translated by Helene Weaver, University of California Press), titles of poems from the collection “Brainiography” by Evelyn Posamentier Argotist Ebooks), extract from the book “Coming to Writing’ and Other Essays” by Hélène Cixous, translated by Sarah Cornell, Deborah Jensen, Ann Liddle, and Susan Sellers, Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1991), extract from the play The Ghost is Here by Kobo Abe, translated by Donald Keene, Columbia University Press), and Antonis Katsouris (extract from BIOTHERM (FOR BILL BEKSON) by Frank O’ Hara, Selected Poems, edited by Ronald Allen, Carcanet).

ISSUE 15 (January-March 2014) CONTENTS

~ a poem from Nocturnes by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa is linked to the words ‘caves,’ ‘mind breathes,’ ‘root.’

~ the artwork About the Marvelous by Caroline de Lannoy is linked to the words ‘The mind breathes outside the mind,’ ‘the Marvelous.’

~ the drawing Dinner Is Served by Andreas Kassapis is linked to the words ‘abandon your lodgings.’

~ the prose text Explication by Anne Boyer is linked to the words ‘The recipe tonight. A spoonful of madness.’

~ the poem Inextinguishable Lights by Ali Znaidi is linked to the word “swallow.”

~ the prose text En Panne by Denis LHomme is linked to the words “THE BRAIN SCATTERS ITSELF.”

~ the drawing Jocœur by Denis Lhomme is linked to the words “THE PHANTOM IS HERE.”

Dinner is Served

Antonin Artaud: Leave the caves of being. The mind breathes outside the mind. The time has come to abandon your lodgings. Surrender to the Universal Thought. The Marvelous is at the root of the mind.

Yoko Danno: The recipe tonight. A spoonful of madness, a kind of bait to lure fish or the opposite sex. Phosphorescent simile and a pinch of secret vice added in the broth.

Yayoi Kusama, I'm Here but Nothing 2000
Yayoi Kusama, I’m Here but Nothing 2000

Yayoi Kusama: One day, I suddenly looked up to find that each and every violet had its own individual human-like facial expression, and to my astonishment they were all talking to me.

Joseph Joubert: But the voice is not made only of air, but of air modeled by us, impregnated by our heat and enveloped like some kind of skin by the vapor of our inner atmosphere accompanied by some emanation that gives it a certain shape and certain properties capable of producing effects upon other minds

Hélène Cixous: I was raised on the milk of words. Languages nourished me. I hated to eat what was on a plate. Dirty carrots, nasty soups, the aggression of forks and spoons. ‘Open your mouth.’ ‘No.’ I let myself be fed only by voice, by words. A deal was made: I would swallow only if I was given something to hear.

yayoi-kusama Fruits 1995
Yayoi Kusama Fruits, 1995

Frank O’ Hara:
Déjeuner Bill Berkson
30 August 1961

Hors-d’oeuvre abstrait-expressionistes, américain-styles, bord-durs, etc.
Soupe Samedi Soir à la Strawberry-Blonde
Poisson Pas de Dix au style Patricia
Histoire de contrefilet, sauce Angelicus Fobb
Le réunion des fins de thon à la boue
Chapon ouvert brûlé, sauce Fidelio Fobb
Poèmes 1960-61 en salade

Fromage de la Tour Dimanche 17 septembre
Fruits des Jardins shakspériens
Biscuits de l’Inspiration de Clarence Brown

Vin blanc supérieur de Bunkie Hearst
Vin rouge mélancholique de Boule de neige
Champagne d’ Art News editeur diapré
Café ivesianien “Plongez au fond du lac glacé”
Vodka-campari et TV


Antonin Artaud: Words rot at the unconscious summons of the brain,


FUKAGAWA: (begins writing, repeating aloud GHOST’S words.): “Eight years and six months ago … The place was inside a Shinjuku department store in daytime … Until quite recently haunted the vicinity of Kabuki-cho. Since then … Hobby is riding trains … At the time he enjoyed crowds, but at present has a tendency to be attracted instead by solitude … Chief worry now? … Fear …” (Puts down his pen and nods.)

Antonin Artaud: Fear is poetry.


by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

The breathing outside my labored mine. Heavens in bits.
Roots in mental cavities.  Soft, soft the painting of blue.
Becoming ruined cities of crystallized air.
Nervous dialogue.  Solemn child, grime wavers.
Sudden funeral for me.
Tedious empty steps.  A little left.  Too late.

No object is money. A lonely place of rocks and sand.
In dreams a sense of deafness.  Falling in innocent silence.

All foreplay is glitch. A trick of my subconscious
I’m frozen you’re dead.  Twisting wisteria.

Mistress mind cult of prehistoric notorious phonetic
Mammary fiction rice sack hysteria compilation perception
Deathless wall freezes gaze judicial penetration
Unlimited cigarette fantasies of identity disjunctive compilation
Audience of corpses by oceans endowed conglomerate instrument
Enclosed body undying fashion shrunken night

WORDS-LINKS: caves, mind, breathes, root


by Caroline de Lannoy

Caroline de Lannoy 'about the Marvelous' 2014

The mind breathes outside the mind.
The Marvelous

Tο μυαλό αναπνέει έξω από το μυαλό.
Tο Yπέροχο


του Ανδρέα Κασάπη  .  by Andreas Kassapis

A Kassapis So Called Real Physiognomy

ΛΕΞΕΙΣ-ΣΥΝΔΕΣΜΟΙ: να εγκαταλείψετε τα προσωρινά σας καταλύματα
WORDS-LINKS: abandon your lodgings

Anne Boyer


I am no expert on phenomenology or anything, only there is that problem of how to turn into body that which is okay as air. To “monetize” is to make spirit material. Blogger offers this service. Fiction implies intent, narrative structure, guiding intelligence – a lie is so often an error, an accident, a leaking self-protective fantasy. Character can mean at least two things here: good character (the poet’s lack of it), and character, as in a fictional construct. “Who needs” is surrender.

What I can’t have I often pretend that I don’t want. Dante is the Italian poet, and he is the only character the work requires because he sets the literary precedent for spiteful visions of love in semi-arduous forms. Because he is a great poet he can vouch for the author of this work: she is devoted to understanding but works from a kind of green chaos of circumstance. Often the poet thinks of the phrase “beau desordre” but has a difficult time finding out much about it because her French is poor. She turns the concept of lyric disarray.

She turns the concept of lyric disarray into a former lover. Though the poet suggested she didn’t need characters, she introduces one. The lover Bo might not even be named this anymore. This lover might be based on someone real, but I am afraid there is not much esteem here for the factories that manufacture odes. There is not actually a Prime Minister of America and America is not a city. The Prime Minister is in a play called Das Kapital. Cell phones are actually radiant. People use these phones as beacons and guides.

Why telecommunications are so important is an embarrassing secret. Why milk, not manna? Because my cell phone is not like money, it is like some sort of nourishing excretion when the right voice comes out the other side. The poet considers her literary works a symptom, a perseveration, a kind of anti-social insistence in repeating, again and again, what no one wants to hear – to her, then, all the poets are perseverating animals. Then there is the story of how the poet was writing and her daughter made an obvious statement: “Everything tastes better in a spoon.”

Everything tastes better in a spoon because it is a small measure. Then there is a small measure of quotation, the first line of Bernadette Mayer’s Eruditio ex Memoria. This has so much meaning, because Antonin Artaud is actually my doctor. But so is Bernadette Mayer. And, believe it or not, this project bears a certain resemblance to that project, except the entire history of Western Civilization is not written on paper but in the poet’s head. At this point the poet actually merges her lecture notes with the poem: I am tired of telling you lies.

Egon is a character in Ghost Busters, but also one of the poet’s lovers, one who left ringlets on the poet’s linoleum. The poet is so often making up absurd names for speculative cultural artifacts: she has a taste for westerns. She can’t be trusted because she has flights, goes off into her interior in which everything is corrupted by a habit of fancy. But to see the ringlets—the labor of love left for her—is to wake her up again, bring her back to reality or what someone in her lecture notes called “the petrified life.” There is some nonsense here. There is a hatred of the thesaurus. “The duty of the poet is to cheer up content providers and bore despots” is an allusion to Walt Whitman who wrote “The duty of the poet is to cheer up slaves and horrify despots.” Content providers are no more or less like slaves than anyone else. Despots remain despots. In this cosmology the despots are near to the natural men who assert their free expression over everything though the natural men are often only despots in miniature.

She keeps repeating herself. She keeps quoting country songs no one knows. She makes these technology references like Bluetooth and reference to things like streets and boulevards and maps and city planning like she has gone into a trance and come back as a global positioning system. But the streets are sexual because they are a place for display and Bluetooth is sexual because it allows people and their machines to hook up to one another. Don’t you understand anything? This is a poem about sex / this is a poem about work / this is a poem about information and the hollowed life.

 WORDS-LINKS: The recipe tonight. A spoonful of madness


by Ali Znaidi

Capitals and cities vied for releasing
the most extravagant New Year’s lights.

On the periphery, near a tent
pierced by the wind
innocent children were celebrating
sharing the lights of an ember
on the verge of extinction.

Now, the extravagant lights dimmed.
But the children’s tears are still
releasing the most glittering lights.

— Lights on the verge of becoming a blaze.

Lights which will never be swallowed by
the piles of ash.


de Denis LHomme

Le cerveau est tombé de la calebasse. Toute la noix de coco s’est dissipée dans le sol et lui l’incapable n ’a pas pu réactionner sa bobine. La bobine a glissé sur le sable en emportant l’enfant d’une journée laborieuse. Pourquoi promenait-il sa volonté dessous son bras gauche? Il nous l ’expliquera bientôt à condition qu’on le laisse tourner et retourner sur lui-même comme une toupie endormie à l’intérieur. L’ amour ne veut plus du monde, il s’ en écarte pour laisser parler une plainte infinie qui lui a traversé sa planète. Et depuis tout souffre de panne! Sauf le bébé qui aime et compte sur son maman. Je suis ce mal à ma tête…



 de Denis Lhomme

DenisLHomme Jocœur