Albion (Agonistes)

Amy McCauley

The society for the prevention of ordinary feelings presents: Albion (Agonistes)

Albion (Agonistes) is a continuous project perpetrated by the ‘home work’ arm of the society for the prevention of ordinary feelings. The society for the prevention of ordinary feelings exists to deliver once in a lifetime experiences which quite literally cannot be bought. The society is itinerant and members can be found wandering the streets gesticulating wildly and talking to anyone who will listen. It is untameable, wayward and antisocial. Yes. You will be forced to confront your masks in all their ugly. No. You will not feel happy or satisfied. Welcome to the society! You are now a member.

SPOF will release a refusal to manifest (oh!) in due course. What follows is a brief statement on the Albion (Agonistes) project from the ‘home work’ division. The ‘home work’ division is headed by former Eurovision backing dancer and raffle guru Malady Nelson.

Albion (Agonistes) is a landscape for imagining unresolved conflicts.
Albion (Agonistes) is an island is not an island.
Albion (Agonistes) is the bastard child of England.
Albion (Agonistes) is a collection of hostages tied together by a small number of rituals.

Warning: Albion (Agonistes) may cause you to feel out of the ordinary feelings.

Amy McCauley is an unidentifiable creature based in the north of england. ’24/7 Brexitland’ is published by No Matter Press.