paper A) GLIMPSE) OF)

Paper A) GLIMPSE) OF) #4 was published on 2021. It was co-edited by Rebecca Wilcox and Dimitra Ioannou.


We started our conversation by reflecting on ‘inheritance’ and ‘transformation’.
An exchange of emails that passed back and forth between Athens and Glasgow.

We had spent very little time together in the flesh, and perhaps there was something in this lack that urged us to keep in touch, our questions temporarily bundled and carried home. We continued to think together, remotely; learning through those texts that sit beside us, habitually, through practices that take a while to tune-in to, through reading within the gaps between utterances.

What would link our concerns? What is similar in our everyday lives? If the past is altered by political fantasies, if the now is orchestrated by cannibalistic powers, if chaos, deception, and terror freeze our muscles, and synapses, then what we experience might be a sterile reproduction/repetition of habit.

There’s something in this gap of might that acts as a drive. How, in our apperception of receiving and evaluating some scraps of information, we might nudge our behaviours one way or another, in order to denaturalise our subtle processings.

Otherwise said, can we today be agents of unexpected, inspiring, feminist, transforming, much needed experiences whenever we have the chance, in specific contexts of everyday life? ‘Experience’ as a link between the progressive past and our present situation, an intensity on its own, an everyday act of awareness, and a gesture towards the others and ourselves that exceeds the affirmations of déjà vu, déjà felt, déjà known.

This aspect of seeing something familiar differently is – I suppose – key in a general engagement with writing practices, whatever the subject matter, but when the subject matter rolls around in this terrain of ‘the radical body’, this ‘new familiar’ has a totally different weight. The weight is not always heavy, but has a force and direction, and makes me reflect on many things; the privilege of passivity, how people articulate urgency, and how action appears in different forms.

Our bodies are the doers; synapses and liquids, skins and languages altering, disrupting, and doubting the normative process. It is through those radical bodies that alteration, disruption and doubt craft the threads and textures of the present. I want to share with you what it means to be different. I want you to share with me content.

To feel questions and directions forming outside of myself; something larger than individualised thought patterns opens up through the to-and-fro of texts shared between two people, and then they slowly condense, calm down, revealing a new highlight or shadow on something I thought I understood.

Dimitra Ioannou, Rebecca Wilcox

Paper A) Glimpse) Of) #3, Realities and the Rituals of the Upside Down was published in January 2019. For more, please follow this link.

aglimpseof 02 titled from mouth to mouth (2014) is dedicated to human mouth as an organ of speech, a space of silence and a channel of inarticulate sounds. Soundless, or not, monologues, cries of anger, biological metaphors, figures of speech and out of tune vocalizations compose a fluid dimension, in nuanced tones narrative of the human-body-mouth. It opposes the stereotype and the archetype through the critical, penetrating, erotic and unofficial voicings of its language investigations. A bilingual edition. It was supported by the NEON cultural organization. For more, see here.

The interaction between writing and art continues. Dimitra Ioannou invited the artists Aris Michalopoulos, Natasha Papadopoulou, Sofia Simaki, Efi Spyrou, Yiannis Theodoropoulos, Stavro Christo Vlachakis, and Michalis Zacharias to contribute new video works inspired by texts from the paper aglimpseof 02. You may watch the video narrative Moving Mouths here and read From Mouth to Mouth on issuu.

aglimpseof 01 titled Now I Tell This Story The Way I Dream (2013) is largely inspired by an extract from Lust / A Sailor’s Slight Identity by Kathy Acker. All works of contents are linked associatively. The paper aglimpseof 01 is set on the banks of the Ilissos, on the Dream Island, to the centre of the Labyrinth, at the house which is cut open like a doll’s house, while the Hour is getting Blue, the night welcomes the erotic grotesque, and the black bird of memory flies upon the city. A bilingual edition. For more, see here. You may read Now I Tell This Story The Way I Dream on Issuu.