Mary Niagara


MT is a poetic and visual project that combines an updated take on the epic Spenserian poem Psyche by Mary Tighe (1805) with additional biographic elements taken from the life of the poet. The basic structure (and in limited cases, form) of the original are appropriated in a mix between the story of Psyche, Cupid and Venus (jealousy is a main theme) and the story of the poet, Mary Tighe, herself. They are repurposed to include an allegory for the oppression of women and the other from the so-called canon, positions of power, respect, basic humanity, etc. The third component is a series of poems written by Mary Tighe, the character, after today’s feminist poet cohert, bound together in kind of an ongoing proposal for the creation of a new feminist canon.

Mary Niagara is a queer anarcho-feminist organizer. Recently she has made a main focus for her political work in transformative justice issues, self-organized perpetrator rehabilitation and boundary crossing awareness for people accused of boundary crossing. This includes the creation of transformative justice networks, not for exclusion or organized bullying but for rehabilitation and healing possibilities from the perspective of an intersectional prison abolitionist. She is as grateful for the love of her supporters and co-organizers as she is for the criticism of her haters.

Oct.8, 2017

October 28, 2017

November 12, 2017