Narratives in Progress are autonomous narrative units updated with new content as often as their authors wish.

Narratives In Progress include hybrid works in which intersect, among others, feminism και queer identity (Α Thing Like You and Me), theatre, mathematics, and formal languages (Centurion by Tom Snarsky – with new instalments on the 10th of every month), meteorology, autobiography and poetry (Walking Through Memories by Jeremy Hight), biography and journal (Second-hand Stories by Dimitra Vamiali), the body and the rhizome (Rhizosome by Theodoros Chiotis), appropriations of the lyric style, the fairy tale, and references to the New York School of Poetry (Hotel Women by Anthonis Katsouris).

Centurion by Tom Snarsky is “part cento, part collage, part conversation” in the form of the long poem. Centurion was published from November 10, 2015 to May 26, 2019.

MT by Mary Niagara is a project that uses video and poetic elements to portray a world of allegory. Based on the 1805 epic Spenserian poem “Psyche” by Mary Tighe.

Pastoral Mosaics, Journeys Through Landscapes Rural by the poet and photographer Brian Michael Barbeito is an ongoing visual narrative that seeks to capture the atmosphere and environs of forests, farms, ponds, and green spaces in Southern Ontario.

A school-bus named Documenta by Antonis Katsouris.

• “Second-hand stories,” is a visual biography by Dimitra Vamiali made of short phrases and dialogues.

•  objects NanaSachini-a.c.c.a.o.t.s.
The multi-authored feminist Narrative in Progress A Thing Like You And Me started on December 2nd, 2015. It features works by Jessica Borusky, Louise Anne Buchler, Sarah Crewe, Charlotte Geater, j/j hastain, D. I., Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Lila Matsumoto, Sophie Mayer, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Nana Sachini, Sandra Simonds, Erica Schreiner, and Liliana Vasques. It was co-edited by Dimitra Ioannou and Sarah Crewe.

A Thing Like You and Me | December 2015, A Thing Like You and Me | January 2016, A Thing Like You and Me | February 2016, A Thing Like You and Me | March 2016, A Thing Like You and Me | April 2016, A Thing Like You and Me | May 2016, A Thing Like You and Me | Summer 2016.

• “Rhizosome” by Theodoros Chiotis is “a transversal attempt to dis(un)cover all those (overt and covert) alliances.”

• “Hotel Women” by Antonis Katsouris is made of “Brief romantic (self)portraits and episodes.”

• “Walking Through Memories” by Jeremy Hight was “an ongoing project of taking a place in memory and turning in it.. moving in it… forcing the brain to fill it while seeing holes next to deep details, a kind of reporting that comes out in poetic theoretic shards.”