by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

The breathing outside my labored mine. Heavens in bits.
Roots in mental cavities.  Soft, soft the painting of blue.
Becoming ruined cities of crystallized air.
Nervous dialogue.  Solemn child, grime wavers.
Sudden funeral for me.
Tedious empty steps.  A little left.  Too late.

No object is money. A lonely place of rocks and sand.
In dreams a sense of deafness.  Falling in innocent silence.

All foreplay is glitch. A trick of my subconscious
I’m frozen you’re dead.  Twisting wisteria.

Mistress mind cult of prehistoric notorious phonetic
Mammary fiction rice sack hysteria compilation perception
Deathless wall freezes gaze judicial penetration
Unlimited cigarette fantasies of identity disjunctive compilation
Audience of corpses by oceans endowed conglomerate instrument
Enclosed body undying fashion shrunken night

WORDS-LINKS: caves, mind, breathes, root

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