Theodoros Chiotis

A transversal attempt to dis(un)cover all those (overt and covert) alliances; an anti-genealogy made of codes; “the only thing that can happen to a vaccuum is destruction” (Laura Riding).

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Measurement units 

The labyrinth &
                                the Μinotaur: extending the senses 

                                                       one angstrom 

                         at a time. The straight 
                                                              line & 
the contortion of the hypothesis 
        into an event made real:  

                                          code as surface.
    In the aftermath of the previous years’ snow
we started building        countries       inside house walls & 
        the walls outside those walls: 

an     unseen         ghetto 
       a cord that did not simply traverse palisades 
but constructed a great wall

“may you 
           never  reach    another
 left                             behind”:

the recording of voices made by a                  technology   
                                                                                               of an alernative antiquity. 

Is there a word signifying                the absence 
             of nostalgia? 

The map no longer shows  points of departure 
                                                                                         & arrival
life expectancy is replaced by 
        slasher films flashbacks:
the component                           blows up &
                               destroys                                           the machine.

Cicadas are not an element of folklore;
they are not even insects any               more: 
cicadas have become the sound which
into a crust that easily                                hollows out.
                 Structure as a study                           in dessication. 

    Αdrift in a time of peace 
a desire for the creation of new landscapes 
binds itself onto the silence of the brain. 

    Initially inert, the host 
is deceived at breakneck speed. 
Something incredible
becomes gradually more credible. 
Machinery is relinquished. 
Can this be called living? 
Inner geography and guesswork coincide in  
                       the impending transmogrification:
things that ought to crawl have now learnt to walk.

Dig that groove. 
In time feedback gradually maximizes
                                  & we are lessened.
The earth’s pores ought to suffice.
 The Biological Fantasy of Weaponry (The Treachery of Images II)


 Oscillatory processes give the impression of precision: all appropriate
capabilities will be applied in a synchronised fashion.
We have been invited to join the inspection teams. 
Joint operations will ensure that an isolated population 
                                                                         will be the founding stock of a new species.


Operation Overlord was on the to-do list that morning
but the storm glass was accurate in its forecast: 
“the vastness of space will permit a loss of territory”. 
                                                                                       We have since been forced to adapt.

We are using night vision to look at our reflection. 
We entertain the idea that we are noctilucent creatures.
                                                                                                                              (A silly fantasy)
In reality we are ghost channels:
                  You can hear the bang only because we have already heard it ourselves.

We contain noise: 
most days we are little more than wind tunnels.
It is only rarely that we fantasize about being
a set of cheap barometers registering the existence of sound
                                                                        instead of measuring atmospheric pressure. 


The sound of a gun going off and the thrush’s song 
sound identical under extreme atmospheric pressure. 
When the liquid in the glass is filled with small stars, war of the words ensues.
There is a significant difference between mass extinction 
                                                                                                        and background extinction.

The hard science of the struggle for existence collides 
with the activation of the immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome. 
The vastness of space will permit memory loss without suffering 
a mortal blow to our survival.

Corroded wiring and a ringing doorbell: how can we be possibly hearing
                                                             something that should not exist in the first place?

Pigmented tissue and epithelial cells contract pulling back folds 
of smooth muscle; it is only then that you realise that the word “reconstruction”
could be made out on the “incised wounds 
                                                                                                                            of the left wrist”.
The container (intro)

 Thus the day came to pass
that the container appeared -
      (right in the middle of a vast landscape populated by machinery)
and limbs started growing limbs
       all over the container’s body
the limbs were trying to move the container
so that they would be wrestled away
      from the spot where
the container was first discovered -
   the liquids inside the container would not move with ease.

        Geological centuries 
came to pass: 
the container set out on its voyage.
101. “Once more”

There are names for those bodies that think they escape decay in climates where nothing might prosper; there are scientific terms for all those names
written on screens which are never switched off so as to light the tracings of ink; the mound grows denser with the continual imbrications & yet it
forgives nothing; modern science (a series of capillaceous micromeanings) does not accept anything outside its specific discrete framework & thus we
come to read everything again and again only to discover names whose power has increased tenfold, names all written up & arranged in the outline
inscribed in thin air: pins, ricepaper covering the back of the frame,  95% ethanol:  a code made to adorn walls.
 3.14 (Container [another instalment]).
and they set out and found
on the soil
    pairs of monkey
                    hand prints
                  towards the north
and they set out
                                      where men
        grow old 
and the gods  
        meld into one another -
                   the container could feel 
                      the shifting of 
                                    the magnetic poles…
 0(+2): panaustraliana 

 where might all this be happening?

across boundless vistas where currents and geological movements that traverse you
                                                            maps document the uninterrupted upheavals and incisions
                                                            maps are sewn on you like wounds that must heal - 
across vast distances and high speeds.

over there -
across boundless vistas in between the bodies that move and decay endlessly:
maps manifest as dream, reality manifests as assimilation.

reading maps
late at night
                  (finding ourselves elsewhere from our original landing point
                                              with telephone cords
in between our legs and elbows
                   elsewhere from where we first appeared)
        little by little we are learning of the names of all the seas on the moon
and in the books we look at pictures of the nun
running into the empty seas
her veil disappearing as she reaches the other side
while we are lying
inbetween golden pharaohs & sphinxes 
windows that were never there 
inbetween codes and mottoes
     driving us apart 
 the tv screen 
  where is it that I begin where is it that it ends

screens + frames + parts
    on the outer rim of the Inner Dome
but these are only temporary
until they offer you
a bolt-hole and a name
although they are not themselves certain that your body is not their own as well.
 05/18. (supernova) 
 ...and the horizon becomes the size 
of a dot (once more) -
we are putting back together
our life as it was years ago
however, we are now copying the horizon of 
 all those things we did not know back then.

from this side the supernova
folds once more & turns into a black hole - from the other side the star shall be a beacon
even though it has lost the solidity of its own image.

  The velocity of gravity
condenses down into a dot:
at that very last moment it shall rewrite its personal history
  under the influence of the symbols scrawled
on the walls of the city.

From faraway
from the other side
we might even be able to put together a complete

Now please try to see.
Perhaps they might go on after I myself stop: 

but for the time being
«…we are researching, we are researching.»

Thousands of thousands of civilisations
are now launching counter-attacks in unfathomable depths
after the repeated invasions of the frightful machines:
now they are even destroying
the bridges -
what we used to believe in is now relevant to us two alone.

“You always looked as if you were expecting something to happen…”
    (but this was addressed to someone else)

Things bend into one another. 
A common occurence 
                             –  especially in these depths.
What’s left?
The impression of disparate images on cells:
blue helixes, stones and naked animal bones. 

And then you find yourself once again in front of the Rocks.
       2001: A Space Odyssey and the buzz of the monolith as it is being crushed underneath the low skies in the Antipodes: the snapshot that was never taken during the field trip as the bus was crashing into time.

1907: A fairy tale in scientifically unorthodox terms

The fairy godmothers toy with possibilities above a crib. Then space folds and in the future opposing possibilities work to turn the princess into an orphan, a poor yet beautiful child: this story follows every rule in the book. The law of the attraction of opposites is replaced and simultaneously replicated in novel forms made out of the components constituent to a process like this. The princess is made to wear the clothes of the old and destitute girl inside out. And at that particular moment when the girl realises that the seams of her clothing is inside out, she raises her head from the floor; she gathers the pieces of the cup her father broke and looks outside the window: light (speed: 186,000 miles/second) and sound (335 metres/second), natural forces from a field of potential senses are converted into bundles of possibilities and facts. Surfaces and neurochemical processes reassemble the event: the comet plunges and eventually annihilates a shack in the middle of nowhere. What are the chances? The fall of the comet in the Siberian area of Tunguska was never officially documented. The only thing remaining is but a deep hollow on the ground. After this, the orphan, poor and wretched girl never existed. Her story a crack on an event that was never witnessed by anyone.


This is what has permeated us: the body as it is tangled up with images – it then deflates to display the pores it is made of; the moment when the mirror and memory fold into one another for the express purpose of making you see. Have I been able to locate a way out of here? This is the maze I set up around you and around the room at 13,000 feet in order for me to change — things turned out the way I wanted them to but up until a point: “the only thing remaining is to cross these borders in any way that I can” — the signal can now be found everywhere: like the magician who convinced you that he made the pigeon appear out of thin air.


First come names and categories and then other things that become visible with the passage of time: the moments that have no name at the moment but will become discrete in a few years’ time. The phone as the mediatory of story; inbetween the optic fibres information ignites protocols and transubstantiates the structures holding the receiver and it is the future now and things take names of their own accord: here is a basilisk and there is a Medusa; then more creatures became manifest. When they asked “what am I?” and “what is happening?”, it was obviously too late to receive any answers. And thus they decided to take on names and spread roots – but it was already too late

and then magnetic tapes started announcing the names of others and all of the others again and again


Autoimmunophysics. Noun. 1. (2001-2011) the study of natural and other attendant phenomena 2. (2011- ) the natural practice that cannot help but continuously negate and destroy itself.

Vast boxes: (benzodiazepins and still after that) sailing amongst waves of different origins he found himself floating cut in half behind his eyelids he dives into the sea as it joins up with the rivers from all these other banks he crumbles down gracefully as the sea becomes so flat that he lies on top of it and he does not get wet does not get wet it is simply azure cellophane washing out at the edge of the world the pattern repeats itself: waves from all sides spread out and become hospitable plateaux cut in half in vast boxes he does not get wet the cellophane simply washes over him and forms the chamber the body-around-the-body he does not feel anything now outside the body² the Mediators read everything; everything vibrates for a fraction of a second the inner division of the world now spreads out the false divisions between us are just that: false. Nothing stays buried, things vibrate and then everything appears but you have always known this. The box contains within itself everything: macrophages and lymphocytes work together effectively. He was just waiting to find out himself. Τhe Big Box in the Even Larger Landscape — the things one remembers never happened and the Mediators inside the Box and outside the Chambers no no not like that 10 and 20 years in the future like that like that this is how it goes: the surrounding areas in the maps are black the white initially appears and then disappears in aread (no) one knows. Now? The comprehension of the world is abruptly intensified and he can hear everything and when he is not blind he can see everything. It is only at the moment that he can see the box containing all the other boxes: new areas. Whatever should have happened in the future, according to common sense, is happening right now: decay occurs at alternating speeds and no one can recognise anything anymore: names change, the future changes to occur where it would have always occurred.

the failure of mnemotechnics

is even more obvious when walking 
in the dark: 
left then right 
   wrong step 
               right again 
   be aware of the wet surface 
and then left again

the crust of the land’s surface 
is dry this time
the waters seem to have receded
I could not quite remember
but the dark
is right where we shall assemble the codes
  (a tension between the personal and the collective)
         left then right
the crust of the land’s surface at the end of the world
     the veil is taken off
the earth vibrates
inbetween the shock waves.

I used to remember this differently
but I am learning anew
and if I forget once more, then

            wrong thread
            correct wave.

Whatever one expected 
to happen in the future
                    is taking place 
          the alternating speeds of decay 
contribute to the ever growing speeds of amnesia. 

Names change, habits persist,
the future shifts places to appear
where it ought to appear,

threads and stitches.


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