paper aglimpseof 01

Now I Tell This Story The Way I Dream

The journal “a glimpse of” brings together works by contemporary writers and visual artists in order to generate a hybrid form of narrative. All works of contents are linked associatively. The paper journal conveys the idea of a hybrid narrative from its homonymous, digital edition.


a glimpse of the swans, the forbidden warnings, the joints.
a glimpse of the breasts, the missing pieces, the sky.

ago 1 Labyrinth ago 1 Hacker ago 1 Dream Island

The paper aglimpseof 01 was born in the Athenian Zone, lives in the Labyrinth, is a (H)acker, plays with a Monster’s Device. “Now I Tell This Story The Way I Dream” is set on the banks of the Ilissos, on the Dream Island, to the centre of the Labyrinth, at the house which is cut open like a doll’s house, while the Hour is getting Blue, the night welcomes the erotic grotesque, and the black bird of memory flies upon the city.

It features poems, prose texts, and visual works by Harold Abramowitz, Apostolis Artinos, Theodoros Chiotis, Yoko Danno, Victoria Deliyianni, Amy Gerstler, Dimitra Ioannou, Andreas Kassapis, Antonis Katsouris, Jake Kennedy, Eva Marathaki, Angela Mewes, Apostolos Ntelakos, Kenji Siratori, Chimako Tada, Amalia Vekri.

This is a bilingual (english, greek), limited edition. 130 pages, 20X27 cm, 18 euros incl. shipping cost. For orders, please click here:

ago 1 Perseus Sandals You can read aglimpseof 01 on Issuu.

For updates, please visit us at ago1 Phantom

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