Evangelos Kyriakos


Evangelos Kyriakos is a jewelry designer. He has studied graphic design and jewelry design and making in Athens. He continued his studies on jewelry in Italy. At the same time with the occasion of jewelry, he has experimented with the image in a broader context. He considers that the creative procedure is not liable to any predetermined rules & norms. Each time someone can invent any way to serve the idea. He has presented his jewels in exhibitions in Greece and abroad, which include “A Jewellery made in Greece” (Μuseum of Art and Design, New York), “Chemcraft” (gallery Εspacio, London), “The Essentiality of the Form” (Palakiss center, Vicenza), “Biennale of Arts” (Santorini), “Cross the line” (Genesis gallery, Athens), and the solo show “Τhe Constellation of the Face” (Marnery gallery, Athens). 

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