R. Sam Ross

Bliss Zone Fish in a Global Pond

palmetto bug          panorama

    silly phone          post-coitus

        teal deal          pink couch

   humble this          figure that

  splinter this           mess age

make smooth          quilt cover

   calisthenics          water pony

A Scandal Feeling

Feeling not alive deactualized
simplicity seems to be that thing that
is the bedrock of design, 

crossing mismatched traffic in its headlong frenzies 
rafter men on strings pixelate at their respective podiums
to grin & do so 
cloyingly, emptily
us listening begrudged against our squandered focus
they will agree on most things one
will scream play one
will not voice agreement there
is a war on our imposition on our birth
on our right to bludgeon the pest who
wants to have the meal we did not eat in
the trash we do not finish every bit

(These & the new age inquisitions)

gesticulations, geriatrics
two martyrs splayed across a dotted line
intertwined in violent roots of thought

(in fact not roots) the strategy 

of the barb, the shout to make the show so
i am writing this after all as a note to you

It’s the pidgeon you need to listen to, the masked bandit: Procyon lotor
signified to death, the possum who
cannot see but senses its end clearly when it comes

would love to lie in the lot you tend like
a chamber of the heart. will love to clutch
wing in paw in paw in
the plot the pecans fall like cracks in the roof
not knowing one bit such strange theater

R. Sam Ross is a poet living in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. He has a B.A. in American Studies from Fordham University and has worked in law, retail, and most recently education. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, Dream Pop Journal, and TERSE. Journal.

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