by Victoria Deliyianni



You are a ruthless bitch. You are a child.

I am not a child! Well, maybe I am both a child and a woman at the same time…
And whatever else I ephemerally wish, claiming the carefree and calm moments of everyday life.
A Whale, a Snake, a Crocodile, a Dragon, a Biblical Dinosaur.
God created me to frolic in the sea.

Lies… God originally produced two of us. A male and a female.
Fearless and unbeatable Creatures, unrivaled in grace, form and motion.
Fearing that the multiplication of our breed would threaten His creation He destroyed one of us.

Me? He granted me immortality to soothe the pain for the loss of my partner.
What helps immortality, If it isn’t protection from the misery of the routine?
The last three hours of the day, God comes and plays with me, probably from misplaced guilt, until the Judgment Day.
Then Archangel Gabriel will finally redeem me, by killing me.
My flesh will feed all righteous believers… (though doomed, in my opinion) and my shining, scaly skin will become their shelter.

I was however created as selfish, hedonistic and opportunistic…
Eventually, will I ever pull through?

My charms cannot be missed. But to wash, to nourish and subsist myself to remain beautiful and unique for you fatigues me.
Male gazes still flatter me but I cannot bear them any more.
For you I will never be enough, never so radiant, ever so perfect.
Neither for me too?

Please, open your eyes to look inside the hundred eyes of mine.
Twinkling within like the rays of dawn.
Cause I might be something else now, and now… now again.
And you. And me. And us.

I desire to remain a child.
I long to grow into a granny.

Can you tame me, make a pet of me, put me on a leash for your priceless daughters?
I am not the intestinal sewer pipe you thought.
I don’t turn violent to “protect” us.

You are my selfless sweetheart.

Once now we have become three.
Do you want to make an agreement, the two of us – for you?
Would you like to enslave me for life?

Markos Vamvakaris, Bitch…

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