Double, doubly, doubled, two of which,
dual, twice, bilingual,
two paragraphs, two columns, two collaborators,
Schylla’s mantissa’s glowed motes
a diptych, two sources,
two gestures, both, dual, twice,
two phantasies,
I want a piece of you.
Yes, I really do.

the self and the environment,
I cross the bridge but my body hasn’t caught up
two gestures, both, dual, twice
two selves and two relatives,
The fragmented self’s fragmentations exhaustively examined.
two notebooks, two lovers,

Many thanks to Fatma Al Ali, Logan Benedict, Catherine Chen, Maria Damon, Alan Sondheim, Mike Foldes, Maria Georgoula, Ian Whitfield, Diana Manesi, Sara Matson, Kat Meads, Lindsay Parkhowell, Lou Sarabadzic, Zoe Sklepa, Tom Snarsky, and Adam Strauss for their brilliant works.

Enjoy the Two issue!
Dimitra Ioannou

Fatma Al Ali
Logan Benedict
Catherine Chen
Maria Damon & Alan Sondheim
Mike Foldes
Maria Georgoula & Ian Whitfield
Diana Manesi
Sara Matson
Kat Meads
Lindsay Parkhowell
Lou Sarabadzic
Ζωή Σκλέπα . Zoe Sklepa
Tom Snarsky
Adam Strauss