Adam Strauss

Two Times Four, Or: Eight States Of One Sentence

Suspiciously like snow Falling failing dead bodies lit blue From under inside kith insidious coil Promises no more tall malaria Frames lintel I inter my self Along its casuistry circuit cold glow Gorges calla leaves me lily leavens or Plash the lash the ash the Tree honors eviction itinerant Oath oats edge pond mallow fences Some pearl we tongue on parole Did it won died it thrice Spied lit sped light Deadened only out loud Speakers spackle clear Cuts and cutlass bouts Like cold fronts quiet Or I am on diet of blood Wort torque ordered From ere before here Ever verified its turn Thus I unto I stare down burn But love unclipped quicker There fur sheds that we can’t Keep budget-torn limbs warm in gut intra Mural ardent mirror limbic distills Noxious looms this louvers his warped wind- Eye along starlit lengthy burr Drops clarity unto clear beer Vienna Tropes Eau Claire subtropical snow breathed On like ontologies gyroscopic fall laughing Gas assigns mother her lode hirsute boredom Called him by his crappy foot loves pyre Rips rot rudders gut tug o’ tag officiates slow Justice some slick soma morose static we Cancel keep cooler than collar that one Times one timothy too did peer dialed pear ill Root Taurus simmers Me down eider town On which I conch On which I wrack Like bladder lick sea- Soaked rags fish flash Then freeze, fossils could Not tell more adroitly To you, ruin under Ruined yew, tree for Rooting out Poison, silver Seam I drink neat, Nettle for chaser Chased why blued where Scared me some fresher fresh air Freshened weir yes water yes weird Staked to and through dialed bone Bandied tone for plus here pick Out and outer banks serried Ranks ankh wild she pickles Stems mastic sunny lactation On call only one wonder Full fathoms live stream Reels lyric quanta fords Parched marrow arched tectonic Ate slow return breath Wreaths briar reef culls glow Throws shade, shares Allotment of Shadow we recall, Calligraphic fecal Matter tame repeals Then throws Up pearl, irritant makes Possible rappel and Please, please, give Me some knots, bumps Laced through with Quartz; look! Each foot of Descent glows, slows Sense to utmost savor Left felt fled flitch borders blue Asphyxiation nitpicky oxygen mouth stuffed Full o’ fulsome cotton yes wretch When you venue seeds ceded Watch awe sums tousles Error in its air entre regency regnancy With blood for lips pissy appellate prone To sluice slice licentious fact checks Veracity at door revolves internment diaphanous Lobe bellows Ebola below zero regrets Ice exactly translates sun targets Language for shadows lashes we Call eyes ipecac for nerves fur foment dregs Plush ampule lush ply sheer pale leashes pallid Took bones, clacked Them together like some Hailing, proscenium Stages weather and why Dozes through, plucks bright Berry dozens Zen feeds Back unto some lariat, milk Teeth channel, vector corvids ride Like ponies crop my nape, hiss nepenthe Pants bright star, wood eroded, asp as Thou art, kernel Daemonic ken plants in cochlea Cannot tell sentence, stop Nor go farther than now.

Bouquet For The Unveiling

With my pachyderm and paunch perm I turn and burn. I under. Estimate. My esteem rates no concern. My shadow thinks. Sphincter (t)wink(le)s. Sonata for wire. Albumen for flyer. With mutation and elation I burrow. Brook ligament. Book secret agents onto expired talk-shows. When hunger strikes, puke it out. Kenosis got it but Kryptonite dropped it. Super flew. I spelled you and you spelled hell. We passed each other up, upended oceans like freeze frames motion. Body blessed. Bawdy confessed its love for jack. Lantern at lectern. Tantrum piped into room no anthem squeaks through.

If you catch it: marriage. Aggressively marine, restively aqua. Corp de ballet, knives for tights. Look at them flash. Look at him fuck! Fuck him and his decrepit senses. Fuck me and my ableist slur. Fuck us fist us pull us by our pits and set them lit. It ain’t romantic, nor frantic. All this grotesquerie occurs with precision. Undergoes purling revision. Otherwise known as toned down to death. Bud wiser in its theory of breath. Molson, Olson, nictitating current. I rough love. Love rubs me unto heehaw. Hawk breaks my wrist and crying I am most poet mostly awful sight you don’t need but needlessly seeds garden your carriage comes crashing, aching all over this math after nightmares in attics.


I pulled he taffy laughy made day broke
Its promise

Broke clay piney drip
Sheens shattered whorls

No sibilance can mend man can indeed
Say I have

Broken law men made
Of piss and silk and glass.

Some Shade

All that water
Shocked, awed her
Unto some cleft
Where colors bereft
Their vitiating hots
Know future rainbow shods
Tint’s tippy toes
Like silk flows
Its couture around her arms
Stock-still and alarms
That woman who loves
Chestnuts, their honey glazes doves
Shot out tinsel trees
Wave as we wave adieux sea’s breeze.

No More Hard Sky

I parked at that dot, danced polka
To punk rock crossed with calypso
While clouds learned they can sew
Blankets to keep sun comfy: volta
Where thermals court, scold schwa
For interrupting sonic juice, and no
Birds pledged fealty heavy glow
Melts gem stems my brain—goes duh.

After said amnesia, car wouldn’t start.
I recited postmodern canons, but
Reed nor Ashbery abutted this rut.
Snow fell its future preterit, like heart
Limns Linzer slops out crust, or bud
Sets lymph styptic—collapses blood.

Adam Strauss lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Most recently, he has poems out in Yes Poetry, Fence, and The Arsonist Magazine.

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