Nance Davies

Fugue: one hand tied

Fugue (one hand tied), part of the ongoing project Fugue, documents a project exploring human interaction and the poetics of the ‘everyday’ gesture. ‘People pairs’ using only one hand each and no words, spontaneously perform an unrehearsed task together. They confront the need to let go of control and improvise a solution with one another. The focus is the space between: embodied knowledge and improvised interaction; connection and rupture; empathy and control; interdependency and the illusion of separation. The narrative exists in the lyrical conversation between the two hands…as well as in the minds of the viewers watching and silently scripting the action.

Nance Davies is a Boston based, interdisciplinary artist and curator whose work explores the impact of mass-mediated culture and consumerism on inter-relationships and inter-dependence of all life forms. Recent work explores the poetics of the ‘everyday’ gesture and the transformative role of empathy.

Davies studied at Yale School of Art and received an MFA [Interdisciplinary] from Mills College in Oakland, CA in 1999. Awards include The Coleman Award (Boston University) and the Zorach Fellowship (Skowhegan).

She has exhibited in New York City; Boston; Vancouver, BC, Canada London; Melbourne, Australia; Dublin & Londonderry, Ireland; Dordrecht, The Netherlands; Istanbul Turkey; Athens, Greece; Limassol, Cyprus; Johannesburg, South Africa; Manila Philippines, Seoul, South Korea; Peekskill, NY; Ogden, Utah; Morgantown, WV; Baltimore, MD; Oakland, CA; Richmond, VA; Winston-Salem; NC; Portland, OR; and Rockport and Portland, ME. Davies was born in California. She teaches at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA, USA.

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