Tom Snarsky

Song for an Unmerited Windmill

Total blank america
Mild hum america

Hand-rolled hand-
Rolled cigarette america

Already unhappy
& insufficient

Clothed in a white
Rosewater dilemma

From the back

Of human history
With a razor

Hidden in god’s
Rotten jaw

words-links: “Young people are searching for forums through which they can express an urgent need for radical change.”- Angela Davis

On the Way to Biscuit City

All along the road the Professional
Jumpstarters are licking their chops,
Ready to help whomever needs
A helping that falls within their particular
Domain of expertise. Last week
The PJA had a big meeting and they
All agreed to double down on the
Party line that immorality is in the eye
Of the beholder vis à vis draining
Car batteries at local watering holes;
The rationale of course being that
It’s only an unfair advantage if some-
One fails to take advantage of the
Agreement, which was unanimous.

words-links: “The turn to neoliberal politics occurred in the midst of a crisis…and the whole system has been a series of crises ever since. And of course crises produce the conditions of future crises.”-David Harvey


I’ve measured every window but I still can’t hear it burn
From here. The family has ossified & in its place
The State Garden is springing up & out of control; funds
Are being redirected as we speak to deal with this
Insolent problem, but the greens & their purples will not
Heed any monetary call unless they end up dead
Or otherwise manipulable. Right now they’re too wet
For flame, but this is just a temporary circumstance,
Liable to change within an election cycle or
Two. Give it time. Give it too your collective hope for love
& mutual understanding between people of good
Will; it’ll work backwards through the smoke-
Stacks to give you the right odds for spectacular failure.
Or: look out on the scattered vines & judge it for yourself.

words-links: “I used to dream of watching the sea. I hate it now.” from the video in the article about the water cemetery for Syrian refugees”

Tom Snarsky teaches mathematics at Malden High School in Malden, Massachusetts, USA.

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