της Xρυσάνθης Kουμιανάκη / by Chrysanthi Koumianaki

Λέξεις-σύνδεσμοι: μέθοδος ελέγχου

Words-links: control method

2 thoughts on “AΠO ΨHΛA / FROM HIGH ABOVE

    1. La Ballade of Lady and Bird

      – Lady?
      – Yes, Bird.
      – It’s cold.
      – I know.
      – Bird. I cannot see a thing.
      – It’s all in your mind.
      – I’m worried.
      – No one will come to see us.
      – Maybe they come but we just don’t see them.
      – What do you see?
      – I see what’s outside
      – And what exactly is outside?
      – It’s grown-ups.
      – Well, maybe if we scream they can hear us.
      – Yeah, maybe we should try to scream.
      – Ok Bird



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