Flo Ray

from Fury of the Female Yellowjackets

Fury of the Female Yellowjackets is a project in two parts: one is a long poem written in three acts; the other is a sculptural installation. Inspired in part by the female yellowjacket (wasp), whose venomous stinger is also her sex organ, and in part by the role incongruity plays within collective organising principles — such as those witnessed in the various configurations of the Gilets Jaunes (who, at the start of writing, were entering their 14th Act across France). Both iterations of the project reflect on the body as a site of collision, exploring what it means to hold multiple, often conflicting, possibilities simultaneously.

Flo Ray lives in London, UK, and works across text, film, performance, sound, drawing, sculpture and installation. Recent work includes her audio play, Motherlugger, which was broadcast in April ’21 at echoes.earth for CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG; and AR TICULATIONS — an excerpt of which was published in Prototype’s recent anthology, Intertitles.

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