Catherine Chatzidimitriou

Once upon a covid-19

Corps Cake



Empty Frames

Virus Diffusion

Infected Playground

Caution Dear

Mind the Trap

I am a visual artist, and I construct dystopic but silent environments to explore women’s social identity, the imprints of prenatal existence and childhood in the present and the meaning of intermediate states. My quarantine, due to covid-19, started on 12 of March 2020. Since then I am in complete isolation. Under these circumstances, and in order to stay creative, I created a playground to escape from reality. More specifically, I am taking pictures from the place I live, adding surreal elements. I also photograph some of my domestic objects, and reconstruct them in order to express my feelings about the pandemic. I’ve named the project “Once upon a Covid-19.” Parts of my reality and parts of my daydreaming are covered in pastel pink color. My project narrates a fairytale in the dark era of corona virus. I give a name to every photo I create, in order to remember how the pandemic made me feel.

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