Thomas Osatchoff


No more secrets….
De-densifying closets/railroad spikes….
While we are still in this world. We are still physical
right now     opening
               despite. This plastic sheet
on the buttons controlling the doors being cleaned.
This plastic sheet is cleaned 120 times every two hours.
A cleaning consists of spraying continuously for 60 seconds.
All sheets disappear as soon as the spraying is turned off.
Completely abandoned to itself. Us. Increments.
Each day a little more is revealed. Projected nests
within dilating time capsules currently being swallowed….
We say Jenifer Chang and we say Brian Wilson. Someone
swallows what they want to say with mutilated directions.


A test of the test? Quick little flick and the radio is listening to itself.
What if we didn’t have to want to be liked? Do we?
Bad people don’t wear a sign saying, “I’m bad!” We have to be careful.
The burner is hot and what if we forget forget forget?
Long /u/ sounds coming in different forms.
What if the test causes what it’s testing? Pause in a sequence; paradise
beneath us. Enclosed Field with Rising Sun.
My brother’s bedroom is next to mine. So close it’s like one room.
Dear Customer, it’s better to stay at home now.
We know what’s expected of us. Trauma helping us revise past events.


If death is what appears to be unmoving.

If we cannot reveal without occluding.

If we could live without praise or blame?

If we have time—we can tell a new story.

It’s funny: the stroller’s called Looping.

Is it easier to count by groups? Lumps,

do a good job & we can build the robot.


From inside unseen levels to no opposition outside the op banning seeds and community gardens
switched out multiple times into other people. How did it happen? Dementia is already setting in. Replies to this message will not reach us, so please do not answer this message. Willingillness?
Homeschooling, also known as home education, is the education of children at home or a variety of places other than school. Home education is usually conducted by a parent, tutor, or an online teacher. With school closures happening across the world due to the rhinosaurus outbreak, some have chosen to start homeschooling their children. Many parents wonder how best to organize everything for homeschool. Creating a relaxed and flexible homeschooled atmosphere while allowing a child to have a sense of security and predictability about the day is a balance to achieve. In addition, parents have to decide which curriculum to use, how to keep children engaged during the lessons, etc. Do you homeschool your kids? How do you organize
your homeschool days? Share your ideas with fellow teachers in the discussion. How is that underground infrastructure coming along? Seeing through attempts to destabilize our identity.
Dear Dominate, covered over with all these things. Now that there’s no ground beneath our feet.
Dear Denmark, how could you? Please explain. From upon high of all highs. Cominground gain.




Rhinosaur’s gift of basic income

         built back. “I agree.” Engineered. Selflessly, you whispered, it feels like a new world.

很好的老师,细致有耐心。这段时间Phil不用去学校, 待在家里上网课。 多了很多自己的自由时间,上看电影都是他所喜爱的!遗憾的是电影院仍在关闭中。
Class Time 2020-04-05 18:00 (Beijing Time) Unit 3 – Lesson 8: Kwanzaa and Ramadan 2.
Translate in English—
Very good teacher, meticulous and patient. During this time, Phil didn’t have to go to school.
He stayed at home to study online. He has a lot of free time and enjoys watching movies! Unfortunately, the cinema is still closed.

         Getting with the program. Emerging….

I guess July 4th this year will be Ironic Day.

Just stumbled upon this. And it’s like for just a moment, even with everything going on
with our world, things just kinda felt right. Thank you for this relief. Wish we didn’t need to

speak in code.

Thought all the dinosaurs were extinct but still this lingering one-horned rhinosaur.


Bruce Beasley: And I know it’s not intended to sound that way, but every time I hear it I cringe because it sounds appalling. Keep your distance from everybody else. It’s everybody
for themselves. It sounds that way, even though I know that’s not how it’s intended.

And they’re like, “Are you sure?” And I’m like, “Oh, I’m sure, because I did it myself.”
Aimee Nezhukumathatil: And they also know Mommy doesn’t have the answers to everything. Mommy doesn’t always make the best choices about everything. (BREEZE SOUNDS.) But it is hard, you know. They have a lot of questions, of, “Mommy, when is this gonna be over? Why
are there no tests?” A lot of questions that I don’t have an answer to. And they’re not panicking, but I can see that they’re for the first time realizing, you know, kind of, Mommy and Daddy don’t have the answers and this is all brand new to everybody. And sometimes they’re not wondering at all about this virus stuff. Sometimes they’re wondering about the bluebirds that are nesting right now. (BIRD CHIRPS.) So that’s been kind of nice.

Laurel Salinas-Nakanishi: Technically we’re not supposed to go to the beach.

Amit Majmudar: So I’m very, very terrified of kind of bringing it home with myself. So when I go there, you know, even weeks ago, before the panic took hold everywhere, I was like the only guy in the whole hospital with, like, full gloves, full mask, you know, walking down the hallway. You know, in terror.

Aimee, are you also speaking in code?
Aimee Nezhukumathatil: You know, honestly, I’ve been reading the birds in the backyard, right now. They’re all coming back from wintering. And we have some bully birds coming through and trying to take over our bluebird nest.

Thought it was straw but bricks for that. Thought, the wind blows through.
Warns the tree.

Matthew Zapruder: Life right now is meetings about the best way that we’re gonna be able to do meetings. I mean….“It’s too Daddy for cold.”

Thomas Osatchoff, together with family, is building a self-sustaining home near a waterfall. Recent poems have appeared in Abstract: Contemporary Expressions, Cold Mountain Review, CutBank Literary Journal, and elsewhere.     

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