The Eccentric Issue

Notes on some contents:

~ “an attempt to map the shift of orientation, as well as perspicacity, that accompanies technological advances in war making” – Louise Akers.

~ “Hysteria of language, closed in a hotel” – Aurélia Declercq.

~ “The video attempts a redefinition of queerness through the lens of the “glitch” –” – Eremus.

~ 4 short pieces that “are part of a collection, “Paper Axe,” in which each piece interacts with the material page it is written on. For some, this includes fold marks to create origami shapes” – Brooke Larson.

~ “The work is restricted by the constraint of 280 characters” – Andrew Taylor.

~ Poetry that “wrestles with the eccentricities of gender (identity and expression) as it relates to obsession, death, kink, love, comfort, and our current political and social moment under capitalism. The eccentric appears like a margin…” -yarrow yes woods.

Many thanks to Louise Akers, Thedoros Chiotis, Aurelia Declercq, Bryan Edenfield, Eremus, Carolyn Guinzio, Brooke Larson, John Morgan, Joshua Smith, Corinne A. Schneider, Andrew Taylor, Βασιλεία Στυλιανίδου//Vassiliea Stylianidou, yarrow yes woods for their brilliant works!

Enjoy the Eccentric issue!

Dimitra Ioannou

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