Dimitris Foutris

Political Hawkgirl, October 15th

As soon as you offer your PC
offer your badge before demanding.
No remorse with development services.
And not clear.
Didn’t elaborate jealous causes on December 2nd of ’51.

If there is no discipline on his neck… One of yours is going down to number 1.
Bones bones bones, economical stomach, getting the most of it is another story.

We don’t do cash my brother. It is a nasty little thing delivered right here in the bombing of my life, in the midst of the season that’ll be good only at the last minute…

(Slippery problem with logistical boundaries)

it would be awesome in bed universities
when she followed a couple of other fields. they are a whole mess.
I travel and will probably meet little meadows
in my dreams.

Thank you for your understanding of subversive kindle.

Ondo releases men to come to Superwoman Nafsika that are really tainted horizontals
that call the name of Hewson, in particular (this is tremendously helpful in: no machine called Rosie Olsen).

If the baby is due to the baby, it is important that Pekingese existing universally and are available for disassembling mesothelioma intricacy ideas, into government ideas as you have oblivious (become absorbed) of the political Hawkgirl.

A couple of the military division, decided that the men should be significantly out of that phase.
In this humongous exodus of that situation.
He is about to tell you what everyone is… If the employees revealed it while I was there,
then anybody hopes that all the members are misleading you.
00 videos of her mother presents a similar way.

They have travelled here in the sum of the traffic and it’s madness.

He saw the accident of my phone raising up an issue based on your idea.
If they didn’t, that would be a subliminal stimuli that must develop in sufficient ways.

The medicine of her mother is a matter that you got me up that night.
At the same time only having them around was just the beginning to know
that there was a cup at the Estima engineers that the developers can download it
and say anything to anybody of those enemies of mine and get rid of my camera.

(We Must…)

If they did send you another mock up of an animal from the Political Guns Network
then she wanted to send another e-mail to the couple to tell them not to look
towards the end if they do not want to be productive.

Dimitris Foutris is a visual artist working with various media ranging from Installations, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Video, Poetry and Sound works.
Born in Athens 1972. He studied Fine Arts at the Aristotelean University Of Thessaloniki. He studied Painting in Postgraduate level (Master In Fine Arts) at The University Of East London (UEL) where he also obtained his Professional Doctorate in Fine Arts, entitled “Drawing and the Digital Era – Digital Drawing And The Physicality Of The Reproduction” in 2003, with the support of the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY).
He has presented 5 solo shows and has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He has received grants, awards and commissions in public and private spaces from Foundations and Institutions such as the Intercontinental Hotel and the Athens Biennale. He was nominated for the DESTE Prize in 2005. His works are part of private collections in Greece.
He is one of the founding members of the editotial team of the online art magazine http://www.artomma.net, an and one of the of the founding members and artistic directors of http://www.artwaveradio.net 1st Athens Biennial’s online art radio (a project realized with the support of the 1st Athens biennial). Since 2010 He is a member of the artist group Under Construction.
He lives and works in Athens, Greece. Since 2000 he is represented by Ileana Tounta Gallery.