Dan Leiser

A collective sort of one and another

Oh Brother

With a cane I have found myself able,
To give myself a home in the east.
However unwanted I was from both
My father and his.
It still hurts, the mark of a broken man apparent,
Confusing rocks and a salt of a certain kind.

Sliding slick on the road to
The bottoms of the hill
That feels something cold,
Frozen, even with
Tall trees,
Trees taller than I’ve ever seen

Scraping the sky in the forest.

When I walk by them I hear rumbling
Bats emerge in the daytime,

In the night time I fear leaving my
Small house I built upon a grave –
Thy own.

Now I lay me down to rest,
As the wicked find little time to do,
I feared once the grave I built will engulf me soon,
Now, I encourage it,
Maybe then the trees will become home.
Something I lost so long ago,

But hope falls on the wicked as night
Meets dusk
Meets dust.

Day and Night

()=Nothing or X*
() =\= x wen surrounded,adjacent,or next two symbols, punctuations Or (two) Spaces.*

Foor two under(night)stand,
nliten(,)& imbrace
theeh [Naight, don(‘) t] foerghet dhayh is(. ) but
1 ste(h)p
hear and/or
D-hown ae

Deitie of
Dhayh mhahe
Find – :me), hee, he; her oar

Butdress whe
On top,
Of him (me), he, hee oar (her )
Deitie o(a)f

Oad(e) tew dhayh
Wile naight fites
Fewr such l’i’ttel
Chance o:a:f brehth
Shal w:ee:e cea
2ew theh rezureksian
O(a:f theh

Hoo hat nought
( without:
A fite
On top=of a whall
A deitie soh
Paishant sits.

Oade tewe thah

Oh dhayh&naight.

*subject to change(sic):( ibid.)

Miss En Scene At 4124

The door is shut
The windows cracked sideways and
The windows covered in half by yellow tinged (formerly)
White curtains,
The dog on his back on the floor on his mat
Pit bull,
Rottweiler next to him she grunts in the
Daylight sneaking in through the cracks and
On the glass on the table
Two dollar bills rolled up next to
Mommy can I have some sugar on my cereal?
Where’d you get cereal?
Next door.
Did you get milk?
The mother lays on her back,adjacent dog
Noses in the sky
Legs open,
Get your kid outta here
Unph umph
Take some sugar and go next door
Thanks mommmmmmy
Umph umph
The tattoos crawling down his back,side merge with her body in brief intervals until
Where’s the bathroom in this place?
Leave the money on the table
Where’s the bathroom in this place?
Put the money down
The kid runs back in
I need more sugar
Where’s the bathroom damnit?
Put the money down
Put the money down
Fuck it,
The kid falls down
The door screams open,
Fuck this.

The tattoo is covered by a black
Badge and number,
Where’s my money!

Radio crackled open,
We have a domestic disturbance
Cue: cut-
I’m on it.

Lets go,
Gotta take you in,


See The Horse Go

Is the necessity of living
Through the ah-abject-ah-abstract moments in
Our minds a picture in the fragmented thoughts(?).
That all encompasses
Through and through to the
Next day until next and last become intertwined
To the end of the Ohringinal picture show
– see!the Horse running –
Still frames in motion the
Twirling and running and running
And running through and through
Day to day
We till the earth and troughs –
Become enclosures for it anddaythe

Show me the survivor ofbecomingone
Ill show you
Real life decided by deceived
Deceased parties of slumber
And familyfriends all gather today
For a lietobehold herewegoagain
Lift up your hearts and also your
Heads because there they go floating above
Alive through the ethereal
Alive through the plague and karma and placated
Alive alive alive,
To be alive again.
Let us pray.

Witness A Break

If subconscious be you
Upon the words these here right
To rite to write what we have
In the whims of our words, thoughts
What world we live work lively love
In but
At what point do the words wash
To the end of what we know and
At what
Point do we speak here,
Hear ere do ne’er well the
Words that mean nothing?
Biting the phrases we speak and now
Unto you I give
Thinkadilly upon a dais
lee to thwart the kingdom,
Four corners we sit
Upon the throne of
Of thinking of
Of the way in of
The way out of

”Tis nobler to run
Than stay and fight
If only you protect your
Back as
The foreign legions wont
To do.

Inconspicuously colloquially
We speak that…
Fuck it, we all need a
new start.

How far does one go
To find the depths of his soul?
The sing song rhythm that mesmerized
The mind,
Seems a touch too far
The end to slow
The life to long.

How far will you go to find the predispositions
Pre-post-supposing the
Dignity in it all?
When the depths only go as far as you learned
And yet so much further that you could have
reached if you
Tried one day

So how far,
How far do we dig to find we
Lost what we never started
And when do we realize the end in all
All in all in fall in the lulls the troughs the
Valleys the end the love
The end the end all:

Dan Leiser is a poet and writer who is slowly amassing a back stock of poems and stories to sell to street vendors. He is currently working on a poetry series on life and a novel of death, disorder, and the circumstances of family. He recently published a Finnegans Wake inspired series of poetry in The Agenbite of Inwit. He lives in Pennsylvania.

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