Jazmine Linklater


Presence allows of no third   person, a graphic capsule sui generis  ventures to rose-gold pathological states   done to patient. Coffrets sans modernist   zigzags & waves still in ignorance pretty  ditsy pattern principle. But he has something   oppressing him, some secret screams premium:   pastel dread tulle-crafted swaddles sense organs. Two-step pleated cortical layers drawstring the tool, the physiology of ocean-time   cases the law. Underlying distaste in swoon- worthy shades, incompatible socially metallic matchbox embellishment. Clothe this theory   in other terms: refuse to be directed by his will, art-over him out of his fears. Confession the sinner denounce fake synthetics (think   wallpaper​ florals in tobacco & forest) boho philosophy ruffles statement a sacred. If spiritually naked when dressed lacks   attributes definite, the midriff is the new   shoulder, hold on to this last analogy.



Kicking off is a first to the maximum end something impactful lemonade   lingerie evades it withdraws pretty to personally lust  more masculine shape frills  super sleeves bathing belles   & constant awareness revived, alert   find out the possible to live   without appeal. A hope's fraction awakens solely appearances run superlatives on textural focus   & all that links them together. Star signs fashion icons & whisky ever evived ever alert is living on form to the maximum. Resolutions  the perfect foundation for outfits, feminine without inner freedom: we lack the power to make use of that artifice. The absurd depends before athleisure burning & frigid, transparent & limited   not-form-fitting universe.  Intellectual malady & utility chic piece weariness tinged with amazement. Stage sets a standout stripe, nostalgia collapse   your Parisian zest nothing worth anything   but everything given new lightness for blush crush comes voidly eloquent  hiatus, O, take the reins.


( ) Foi  

Peppercorn pink & amber doctrine the contemplation – luxury: prove belief in risk. Give off glimmer unattainability no reality (except plant-based action life-affirming renewal designed to energise micellar mauvaise foi. Solidify intention, alleviate fear. Features extract bleed, acids & enzymes this self-deception needn't be a) flesh coloured or b) drying. Obligatory obedience distilled slow, dose-double dewiness inscribe intelligible heaven. Cupid's bow the starting point: strobing (layer omega & moringa) luminous multi-depth valuerealm, defined & ratified as end-in- itsherbet – stern optimism. Disguise reveals anguish itself: algae trend limits fantasy/caprice, cell burn-out self- surpass essence. In fashioning self, fashion man – invariable incline to evil. Progress ~ amelioration; man always same. Stomach’s plein d’air space above good-karma t- shirts, boxy & business-like à priori frustration foredoomed right down to the last cm.

Jazmine Linklater is a poet and writer based in Manchester. Poetry can be found in The Literateur; Zarf; Datableed; Paratext, and a recent essay at The Text Art Archive. Her debut pamphlet is forthcoming with Dock Road Press in summer 2017.

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