Joey Frances

smooth space

in verse geo metry on nablus ~ tri angul ate directional fo rce w regard to control again st trails o f missiles launched to seek ffreedom for who & to what power flows interpretation also is fire mountain force a reorgan isation of the ur ban syntax masks latent arithmetic explosives not so latent not so arithmetic now but you have to adm it was a powerful argument GO SMOOTH OUT YOUR OWN SPACE colony no wait, your out own go space smoothly as humans inter mingle with worms and your quaint honour turn to dust can order disrupt itself in its favour? when refusal to obey is operative as command ruthless critique in service of coercion all manoeuvres are fascist poetry “this building is under occupation” we yelled it penetrating new boundaries in people's homes not inherently not not divisive fall into traps not to be abstract violence but concretely abstract ion of the living world is violence already travel through crumbling walls of bodies only tenderly with your theories

words-links: “reorganisation of the urban syntax” from “The art of war: Deleuze, Guattari, Debord and the Israeli defence force” by Eyal Weizman.

Joey Frances is based in Manchester. He is a member of Generic Greeting, a multi-disciplinary arts collective with whom he has collaborated on zines, posters, exhibitions and other events. He also co-organises the reading series Peter Barlow’s Cigarette. His first full collection, a l’instar de, was published this year with Knives Fork and Spoons Press. He will shortly begin a PhD on contemporary innovative poetry and ideological resistance. Find him at // // twitter @JoeyFrances

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