aglimpseof 18 . CORPORATE CANNIBAL

Are you ready to be eaten? Who cooked up this plan? Are you willing to fight back?

Grace Jones’s 2008 black-and-white video clip Corporate Cannibal is aglimpseof 18’s source video-text-sound.

“The control society is characterised by perpetual modulations, dispersed and ‘flexible’ modes of authority, ubiquitous networks and the relentless branding and marketing of even the most ‘inner’
aspects of subjective experience. Such processes of control and modulation are especially at work in the Corporate Cannibal video.” – extract from Steven Shaviro’ s “Post-Cinematic Affect: On Grace Jones, Boarding Gate and Southland Tales.”

Grace Jones’s posthuman, hyberbolic figure is a complex “electronic signal whose modulations pulse across the screen.” (Steven Shaviro). Its nonchalant fluidity “has been implemented as a blueprint for austerity infrastructure. I could swear that Berlin bus schedules are consistently run on this model—endlessly stretching and straining space, time, and human patience.” – extract from Hito Steyeri’s article Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead?”

We invite you to be inspired by Nick Hooker’s video, Grace Jones’, Adam Green’s, Ivor Guest’s and Mark Van Eyck’s lyrics, and submit your poetry, prose, artworks, and hybrid/creative non fiction. Please send your poetry submissions to Sarah Crewe at, and your art or prose submissions to Dimitra Ioannou at Thank you.

Pleased to meet you.
Pleased to have you on my plate.
Your meat is sweet to me. Your destiny. Your fate.
Your’ re my life support. Your life is my sport.

I’m a man-eating machine. I’m a man-eating machine.

You won’t hear me laughing, as I terminate your day.
You can’t trace my footsteps, as I walk the other way.
I can’t get enough prey. Pray for me.

I’m a man-eating machine. I’m a man-eating machine.

Corporate cannibal. Digital criminal. Corporate cannibal. Eat you like an animal.

Employer of the year. Grandmaster of fear.
My blood flows satanical, mechanical, masonical and chemical.
Habitual ritual.

I’m a man-eating machine. I’m a man-eating machine.

I deal in the market. Every man, woman and child is a target.
A closet full of faceless, nameless. Pay more for less emptyness.
I’ll make you scrounge, in my executive lounge.
You pay less tax, but ill gain more back.
My rules, you fools.

We can play the money game, greed game, power game.
Stay insane, lost in the cell, in this hell.
Slave to the rhythm of the corporate prison.

I’m a man-eating machine.
I can’t get enough prey. Pray for me.

Corporate cannibal. Digital criminal.

I’ll consume my consumers, with no sense of humour.
I’ll give you a uniform, chloroform
sanitize, homogenize, vaporize you.

I’m the spark, make the world explode.
I’m a man-eating machine. I’ll make the world explode.
Corporate cannibal.

Corporate Cannibal was written by Grace Jones, Adam Green, Ivor Guest, Mark Van Eyck.

aglimpseof 18 . CORPORATE CANNIBAL


SOURCE TEXT: Corporate Cannibal


elisabethan by Pascal O’Loughlin

Corporate Cannibal by Aaron Morgan

Schematics for a Labyrinth: Pinball Cannibal by Aria Riding | published, October 2015.

Whimsy by Tom Snarsky | published, September 2015.

data painting: round.up by Jessica Fenlon

I Deal in the Market / Every Man, Woman and Child is a Target by Joe Winograd

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