by Sophie Mayer

& yet

this one timeflood

the chest wall cracks
open: waterfall heart
full & a hot pink air


or what I am trying to say is


all the ways







o my all

is the way // the way is all



it’s only a few words from keraia horn(y) to
                                                          keragnumi all mixed up
                                                                                       poured out


feeling: apprehensive

               to feel = to apprehend
               in the one timeflood
               flash memories of how
               this was wrong & this
               & can it be right now

fuckfuckfuck / a grammar
of sex & errancy

a curseblessing    killcure

sip at


there’s this thing with prepositions

there is nothing more wistful than these bits of language that solidify all our raw hopes of relation

from whisht not wis nor wit

which vectored silence cannot
hold knowing // cannot but hold
the timeflood, the one & one & one

it happened to
it happened for
it happened with
it happened by
it happened under




& yet: verb, to pour, to melt metal, pour out, flow

I fucking love (for other cognates,
see gush) the dictionary
f/lick it to get

yet/ymology: Old Norse gjóta only in senses, to drop one’s young, twinkle with the eyes

I twinkle with the alternative
with happening (&-ing (in general)

we are all dropped when young
one way or another dropped into
world &still here most days

so slide on that, pageturn for
the one timeflood is //stacking//

a ‘vertical’ investigation … concerned, in a sense, not with what is occurring, but with what it feels like

what it feels to
like & beliked
to be like to be

concerned with
to concern to
occur // happen

a happiness
               that hot
a happiness
               pink air

(With some words by Anne Carson and Maya Deren, italicised)

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