by Sarah Crewe

                      bringing sexy back to working class
                                                                                          flick trip switch brush kiss piccadilly
it’s enough to burst a dam
artificial          landlocked                                                                                                as a city
in ultimate     x    pression                                                                                             you circle
of personal                                                                                                             shared/evasive
                                                             alluring urban [self] discourse
                                                             insistent                  coming on
                                                             all        tangled        coming on
                                                             all        fleshed out           fluid
 it’s all        in the detail
                                                                                                            how the sky reflects water
                                                                                                              how it used to be so lush
how a canal is a river is the sea is the ocean
                                                                                 how i used to wear velvet          all the time
shimmer                secret seat dancing
pomona as a dock
                           pomona as a goddess
                                                                                                        your hide and seek marxism
                                                                                                                   is seriously romantic

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