I was feeling
It’s a huge consoling presence cold to the touch
and damaging the nerves
I need to keep alive the quest a
slow teasing process

I was feeling elemental when I was young
mangy and slippery your eye
I caught my reflection
with no question

Your eye
It’s a huge consoling presence
all beginnings and all
endings who is marching
cold to the touch
and damaging to the nerves

When there was all but nothing right
in front of me and
down and down and down

I can walk in a town and around the
blocks you wanna be like me under
I need to keep the quest alive you
can tell me anything you like

I’m after

Feel for me
I’m after disaster
it seems to be a
slow teasing process
reflecting the light of myself

Stay a while
and why are you so quiet now
standing in the doorway here
we are
ever falling down
through the day
as if on an ocean
I wonder why we came
despite show-time
I got to put one arm around you

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