Pascal O’Loughlin on the poem “elizabethan.”

The poem grew from the video really but not a specific scene. The GJ persona strikes me regal and outsider at the same time. I remembered a photoshoot where GJ was in ‘white’ face – it reminded me of portrayals of Elizabeth 1 in white make-up (like Glenda Jackson) – the figure in the video often seemed to be wearing some kind of ruffed collar – it then got me thinking about one of the narratives about strong women being their loneliness (this kind of still happens with current Elizabeth?) – how they give up a part of their humanity to achieve – like it’s not allowed to be happy and strong for women – and GJ being a person of colour – how that would have played out in Elizabeth 1 times – how it plays out now.

If I was going to choose a lyric to go with it would be: I can’t get enough prey. Pray for me (which resonated with the regal elizabeth strand of the poem for me).

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