Euphoristic wishes, connections, confessions. Euphoristic creatures.
Euphoristic moments, priorities, impressions. Euphoristic events.

Add your own euphorism(s) for 2015 in whatever genre and format you like (image, text, sound). Send your contribution at aglimpseof[at]gmail.com.

aglimpseof Alchemical en [febr. 13, 2015]

aglimpseof Color EN 2015 [jan. 27, 2015]

aglimpseof Hybrid EN 2015 [jan. 26, 2015]

ago 2015 Stichomythias EN Donna Fleischer is a poet based in Hartford, Connecticut. She posts curatorial content on mostly contemporary poetry, poetics, photography, music, visual arts, and permaculture at her blog word pond (http://donnafleischer.wordpress.com/). [Jan. 18, 2015]

ago 2015 Marvels EN [Jan. 16, 2015]

ago 2015 Place EN John Morgan is a poet whose visual poem /Seven Voices//Pluie d’ Automne appears in paper aglimpseof 02. [Jan. 15, 2015]

ago 2015 Amvrosia EN [Jan. 14, 2015]

ago 2015 Beauty EN Antonis Katsouris, writer and editor of the reading series The Closet, sent a euphorism by Frank O’ Hara. [Jan. 3, 2015]

ago 2015 Iordanis Euphorism Iordanis Papadopoulos is a poet based in Athens. [Jan. 2, 2015]

ago 2015 Co relation EN Sean Smith is an artist and writer based in Toronto. He is member of The Department of Biological Flow. [Jan. 1, 2015]

ago No Traffic 2015 ago Love Earth EN 2015 ago TERRITORY EN

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