a glimpse of the buds, the control method, the temporal transformations.
a glimpse of the new insight, the center, the mirage, the hollow, the poison, the solar radiation.

a glimpse of is a journal which brings together contemporary text, visual and sound works in order to activate unpredictable, hybrid narratives. The contents of each issue are connected through a linguistic game:

• There is a text, or video located in the beginning of each Issue. This is the primary  source of inspiration. Contributors select a word or phrase from the source-text to associate their work to these words, and with the whole text in extension. These are their ‘words-links’.

• The words-links are the subject for the contributions, and the link between the ‘source text’ and the contributors’ work. Contributors either use them to interpret the issue’s subject in their own way, or freely associate their work to those specific words and in extension to the ‘source text’. Depending on how many times a ‘word-link’ has been used, it appears in larger type within the source-text. ‘Word-links’ activate new narrations between source-texts and the contributor’s pieces, and even narrations that take as their starting point the artworks themselves respectively.

• As long as works are being added contributors could also choose ‘word-links’ not only from the ‘source text’ but from any other contribution included in each issue they might find interesting.

• We are interested in idiosyncratic, innovative, anti-comformist text, art & sound works.

• aglimpseof does not reproduce works that have been blogged or published in magazines and websites, neither ready-mades, unless you appropriate them.

• Contributors participate with original, previously unpublished works, or works that had a very small distribution. aglimpseof‘s Issues feature works from Harold Abramowitz, Vahni Capildeo, Yoko Danno, Nancy Davies, Irini Karayiannopoulou, Antonis Katsouris, Panayiotis Lamprou, Sophie Mayer, Iordanis Papadopoulos, Misha de Ridder, and Matina L. Stamatakis, among others. 

a glimpse of was created in October 2009 by Dimitra Ioannou ( It is published in Athens. Sarah Crewe joined as poetry editor in 2014, starting from issue 16.

a glimpse of the cake, the transcendence, the unprotesting flavourless tongues, a few brilliant climaxes.

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