We want to be dazzled by your provocations, hesitations, sequences, ruminations & more.

We’re looking for Narratives In Progress, conversations, extravagant columns. Open year round.

Next themed issue is “Eccentricities” – “eccentric” from Greek ekkentros “out of the center” (as opposed to concentric), from ek “out” (see ex-) + kentron “center”.
– In defence of everything out of the centre.
– Portraits of contemporary eccentrics.
– Eccentric habits of arriving at poetry readings, at exhibition openings, at parties.
– Eccentric images of the poet’s or artist’s mind.
and more! The deadline for works is November 30th, 2018.

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• We’re interested in experimental, idiosyncratic, innovative, progressive works; prose, poetry, non academic essays, hybrids, video art, photography, collages, and sound pieces.
• A) GLIMPSE) OF) does not reproduce works that have been blogged or published in magazines and websites, neither ready made, unless you appropriate them.
• We do not publish archival photographs of sculptures, paintings, installations.

Contributors participate with original, previously unpublished works, or works that had a very small distribution.

Please send your proposals to Dimitra Ioannou at ago at