What is your NEST during lockdown? If you feel like sharing your thoughts during this time, send along your collaborative poems, your monologues and drawings, your tears, your aargh!, your sleepless nights, your manifestos, your curses, and your sadness. Submissions deadline, June 30, 2020. Please read the guidelines before you submit.

Fonts: Faune, Alice Savoie / Cnap + Infini, Sandrine Nugue | CNAP


The Feministic series was launched, on March 8th 2019 to honor, and empower all women out there. Please read the guidelines before you submit.


• A) GLIMPSE) OF) is looking for #radicalpoetry  #experimentalwriting #SoundPoetry #VisualPoetry #ProsePoems  #ExperimentalProse  #HybridEssays #politicalart #collages #DigitalArt #SoundArt, photography , videos, non academic essays, queer, anti-capitalistic, idiosyncratic, naive, innovative, progressive, lyric, #feminist, grotesque, gurlesque, #multilingual, #collab works.

• A) GLIMPSE) OF) does not reproduce works that have been blogged or published in magazines and websites, neither ready made, unless you appropriate them.

• A) GLIMPSE) OF) does not publish archival photographs of sculptures, paintings, installations.

• Contributors participate with original, previously unpublished works, or works that had a very small distribution.

• Submissions may be in English, Greek or French.

• No simultaneous submissions. Only submissions for the NEST issue and the Feministic series will be read. 

Please send your proposals, along with a short bio, to Dimitra Ioannou at <info at> (subject: THE NEST ISSUE or FEMINISTIC SERIES) .

Thank you.