paper A) GLIMPSE) OF)

It is a challenge to publish a print magazine without funding (only the second issue was funded), but thanks to donations from our friends, four paper issues have been published:

Print issue #3, Realities and the Rituals of the Upside Down was published in January 2019. For more, please click here:

Photo: Christina Ntanovasili.

ISSUES 1 & 2

aglimpseof 01 titled Now I Tell This Story The Way I Dream (2013) is largely inspired by an extract from Lust / A Sailor’s Slight Identity by Kathy Acker. All works of contents are linked associatively. The paper aglimpseof 01 is set on the banks of the Ilissos, on the Dream Island, to the centre of the Labyrinth, at the house which is cut open like a doll’s house, while the Hour is getting Blue, the night welcomes the erotic grotesque, and the black bird of memory flies upon the city. A bilingual edition. For more, see here.

Cover by Victoria Deliyianni.Cover by Victoria Deliyianni.

aglimpseof 02 titled from mouth to mouth (2014) is dedicated to human mouth as an organ of speech, a space of silence and a channel of inarticulate sounds. Soundless, or not, monologues, cries of anger, biological metaphors, figures of speech and out of tune vocalizations compose a fluid dimension, in nuanced tones narrative of the human-body-mouth. It opposes the stereotype and the archetype through the critical, penetrating, erotic and unofficial voicings of its language investigations. A bilingual edition. It was supported by the NEON cultural organization. For more, see here.

The interaction between writing and art continues. Dimitra Ioannou invited the artists Aris Michalopoulos, Natasha Papadopoulou, Sofia Simaki, Efi Spyrou, Yiannis Theodoropoulos, Stavro Christo Vlachakis, and Michalis Zacharias to contribute new video works inspired by texts from the paper aglimpseof 02. You can watch the video narrative Moving Mouths here.

You can read paper aglimpseof 01 titled Now I Tell This Story The Way I Dream, and aglimpseof 02 titled From Mouth to Mouth on issuu.

Both issues were purchased by the Flaxman library of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cover: Marianna Vouza.
Collage made of photos from the series “Ruby’s Room” by Anne Noble, and a still from Ann Hamilton’s video “aleph.”

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