aglimpseof brings together works by contemporary writers, visual and sound artists in order to generate hybrid forms of narrative.

Regular contributors of aglimpseof.net: Theo Chiotis, Jeremy Hight, Antonis Katsouris, John Morgan, Erica Schreiner, Tom Snarsky.

Editor: Dimitra Ioannou | dimitra at aglimpseof.net | D.I. experiments with narrative or anti-narrative forms in various media (language, photography, publications). She had poems published in ZARF, DATABLEED, Tears in the Fence, Litmus, Blackbox Manifold, and the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins). For more, please check Hotel Repertoire

Poetry editor from Issue 16 to the Politics issue: Sarah Crewe. Sarah made sure that poetry blossoms in aglimpseof .

Art curator of the paper aglimpseof 03: Dora Vasilakou | dora at aglimpseof.net

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