Please read the guidelines below before you submit.


Narratives in Progress are autonomous narrative units updated with new content as often as their authors wish. Narratives in Progress may be in any form. Please check the ones that have been already been published, before submitting your proposal.

Narratives In Progress feature hybrid works in which intersect, among others, feminism και queer identity (Α Thing Like You and Me), theatre, mathematics, and formal languages (Centurion by Tom Snarsky), meteorology, autobiography and poetry (Walking Through Memories by Jeremy Hight), biography and journal (Second-hand Stories by Dimitra Vamiali), the body and the rhizome (Rhizosome by Theodoros Chiotis), appropriations of the lyric style, the fairy tale, and references to the New York School of Poetry (Hotel Women by Anthonis Katsouris).


The Feministic series. It was launched on March 8th 2019 to honor and empower all women out there. It features works by Serena Braida, Madeline Cash, Janelle Cordero, Chiara Crisafulli, Claire Donato, Katie Ebbitt, Virginie Foloppe, Kara Goughnour, Dayna A. Gross, Gelly Gryntaki, Laura Hinton, Dimitra Ioannou, Monica Kim, Kika Kyriakakou,J.I. Kleinberg, Lotte L.S., Daniela Lucato, Diana Manesi, Michelle Moloney King, Anna Pantelakou, Hiromi Suzuki, Olga Vereli, Louiza Vradi.


A) GLIMPSE) OF) publishes experimental writing, radical poetry sound poetry, visual poetry, prose poems experimental prose, textArt, manifestos, political art, digital art, sound art, photography, video art, collages, hybrid texts, non academic essays, autobiographical essays, conceptual, neo-lyric, feminist, multilingual, or collaborative works.

A) GLIMPSE) OF) does not reproduce works that have been blogged or published in magazines and websites, neither ready made, unless you appropriate them.

Contributors participate with original, previously unpublished works, or works that had a very small distribution.

A) GLIMPSE) OF) does not publish archival photographs of sculptures, paintings, installations.

Submissions may be in English, Greek, French, or multilingual.

PLEASE NOTE: No simultaneous submissions.

Please send your proposals, along with a short bio, to Dimitra Ioannou at info @ aglimpseof. net (subject: NARRATIVE IN PROGRESS or THE FEMINISTIC SERIES).