Yannis Sarigiannidis

Remitting: the symptoms

(Amorous passion is a delirium; but such delirium is not alien, everyone speaks of it, it is henceforth tamed. What is enigmatic is the loss of delirium: one returns to … what?)

-Roland Barthes

(translated by Richard Howard)

[acute phase]

Ioannis SARIGIANNIDIS wings1

Ioannis SARIGIANNIDIS wings2

“I have photographs that used to be ours.”

-Luis Chaves

Ioannis SARIGIANNIDIS nowings1

Ioannis SARIGIANNIDIS nowings2

[chronic phase]

there are times when
the sun strikes me
like a gong,
and I remember everything, even your ears.

-Dorothea Grossman

Ioannis SARIGIANNIDIS Τwo Εyes 1

Ioannis SARIGIANNIDIS Τwo Εyes 2

Ioannis SARIGIANNIDIS Τwo Εyes 3

Ioannis Sariyannidis Too Many Eyes

Yannis Sarigiannidis is a PhD student, investigating anxiety from a cognitive neuroscience perspective. His poems have been published in Greek and English literary magazines. He has translated poems by David Harsent, Sam Riviere and Ocean Vuong, introducing them to the Greek audience. He lives in London.

Ο Γιάννης Σαρηγιαννίδης ερευνά το άγχος με μεθόδους γνωστικής νευροεπιστήμης σε διδακτορικό επίπεδο. Ποιήματά του έχουν δημοσιευτεί σε ελληνικά και αγγλικά περιοδικά. Έχει μεταφράσει ποιήματα των David Harsent, Sam Riviere και Ocean Vuong, συστήνοντάς τους στο ελληνικό κοινό. Μένει στο Λονδίνο.

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