a glimpse of  is an online edition which connects texts, images and sounds in order to generate a hybrid form of narrative. Each issue reproduces on the front page a text which acts as a word reservatory and a source of free associations. It follows like this:

• There is a text located in the beginning of each Issue. This is the primary  ‘source text.’ You may choose one word or a phrase from it.

• This word will be the subject for your contribution, and the link between the ‘source text’ and your work. You will either use it to interpret the issue’s subject in your own way, or freely associate your work to that specific word and in extension to the ‘source text’. This is your ‘word-link’.

• As long as works are being added you may choose a word not only from the ‘source text’ but from any other contribution you might find interesting.

• You may participate with a work of your own. It can be a new piece, especially made for the project, or it can be a work done previously as long it is unpublished or had a very small distribution. a glimpse of does not reproduce works that have been blogged or published in magazines and websites, neither ready-mades, unless you appropriate them.

• The idiosyncratic contributions may be in the form of:

prose, poetry, plays, essays, interviews
drawings, collages, comics
photographs, videos, sounds, animation

All work submitted remains the property of its producer.

aglimpseof 18 . Corporate Cannibal is now open to submissions. Grace Jones’s 2008 black-and-white video clip “Corporate Cannibal” is our video-text-sound source

Please send your poetry submissions to Sarah Crewe <>, and prose, or art submissions to Dimitra Ioannou <> together with an unconventional bio note (text, image or sound).

Many thanks!

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